BYOD Rebate not working

Hi! I became a Verizon customer on august 29th, and brought my own device. I initiated the rebate the same day, as per instructed of the 30 day window. 

flash forward to October 20th when it tells me my rebate has been processed successfully and I should receive an email with it. 

October 24th comes around and still no rebate via email. I speak with customer service and they “reissue” it. October 26th, I receive 3 back to back emails about my rebate having arrived. All provided (the same) gift card number & (the same) pin. I opened the emails but did not check the gift card balances. 

flash forward to today (October 31st), I attempt to pay my bill using gift card, no balance. I call customer service, and they tell me because I initiated an upgrade (I did initiate an upgrade on October 27th) the rebate/gift card is no longer active. They tell me that the BYOD device must be active for 12 months. I questioned if that was correct but got off the phone and decided to go back to the fine print. 

however, that isn’t what the fine print says. The fine print says the device must be active for 45 days, which it definitely was, and the line must be active for 12 months. The line is in fact still active. 

this makes no sense, so I call again to speak with someone at customer service and they tell me that department is closed (7:20cst). 

why am I being forfeited out of my rebate? 

I have tracking numbers for the rebate. 

Re: BYOD Rebate not working
Customer Service Rep


Hi. How are you today? We would be happy to assist you with your concern. Please private message us for further assistance.  *Mabell