BYOD Rebate showing less than promised

I signed up for a plan while bringing my device over from Sprint. It was advertised as $500 e-gift card yet my account is only offering a redeem for $350, which was the lowest plan only. I need to get the $150 gap closed and customer service was no help, offering me the number to the balance/terms phone line. I signed up a few weeks ago, and from the looks of the forum there seems to be no resolutions in terms of customer service. 

This is less than a bad impression, possibly constitutes fraud on Verizons part. I need to know who and how to contact the persons that can rectify this. I have no problems with going elsewhere and not paying a cent. I didnt even get the Fedex SIM card, I had to go to a store. So started off bad and seems to continue. Bill is due Sept 2. You have till then or I will thank you for the few weeks I had and go elsewhere while not giving a dime to a behemoth company that cant even talk to people and resolve simple issues.

Re: BYOD Rebate showing less than promised
Customer Service Rep

Hello, we understand wanting to be able to take advantage of a promotion. Allow us to further investigate this for you. Please send us a Private Note to proceed.