BYOD Rebate

Has anyone successfully been provided the rebate for bringing their own device when switching to Verizon? 

I switch in December 2021 and there is a problem with processing my rebate for bringing my device. I've called four times and I've been advised that an escalation needs to take place. I cannot get a clear explanation of what the actual issue is. After the call, I receive the same error message on the VZ app that there is an issue with my rebate. I call and I'm told this is the last time I need to call and it will all be resolved with the escalation. Well, this is the fourth call I've made about the same issue. 

Can anyone direct me to another way I can get someone from Customer Service to actually resolve the issue? 


Re: BYOD Rebate
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I am also being given the run around on a BYOD rebate from late December.   The status doesn’t say that it’s invalid but rather processing, and will be sent around Feb 3.  This is March 3.  However, a second BYOD rebate I did for a different line in early January 2022 processed and was received without issues Feb 21st.  The December one is the issue.