I signed up with Verizon 4 months ago after seeing the BYOD offer for 540$ credit.

After porting in and bringing my own device, I never received the credit or any indication that the credit will start to be applied whatsoever. I've contacted support on 3-4 different occasions spending hours of my times over chat trying to come to an understanding. Every single time they have stated that the problem has been resolved and the credit will be applied, but then the next statements comes and there is nothing there.

I have screenshots of all these encounters with chat and untruthful statements by multiple agents, and have wasted hours of my time trying to resolve this. My next steps will be contacting management/executives through Social Media.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, andre2k, we're glad you chose Verizon and we know it's important that you receive the promotion you deserve after activating service. So we can best assist, we will be reaching out via Private Note.