Bring your own (Unlocked) US Representative (LG K31 Android 10)
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I bought a new unlocked phone directly from LGE. ( LG K31 ) I had a Verizon SIM. So I activated It on the double data plan. I upgraded plan because it was working so good. But like most things it started acting up.

So I called CS for troubleshooting. Due to the issue I was experiencing the REP tried to upgrade me to a supported Verizon prepaid phone. What?! Support your bring your own phone Verizon if it is compatible with the network.

The hotspot was working But the network keep changing from 3G to 4G LTE.  From the phone to the network was working until I hung up. So I dug a little more into the settings. What is this APN?? (Access Point Name)  The config options where not set except for the name ( VZWINTERNET ). So I set what I new. Port, Authentication, etc.

Guess what? Internet is working great ever since.

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