Bring your own device/buy one get one free scandal

For FIVE MONTHS i have been trying to get reimbursed when I brought over a SPRINT phone. A 150 credit card was to be sent to me. I have been told by at least 4 or 5 reps different things and I have had at least 3 escalations to date none resulting in my credit card being sent. I have been told BOTH I am eligible and that I am not.

I got 4 lines. buy one get one free. why is my bill on average 245 to 280 a month!?!?!


Has anyone else had this issue? 

How do I file a FORMAL complaint with corporate to get answers and STAY a satisfied customer? I do not want to be told it's getting escalated one more time! 

Re: Bring your own device/buy one get one free scandal
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Re: Bring your own device/buy one get one free scandal
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Zabrinaping, five months is definitely too long to be dealing with a billing issue and this is never what we want for you. You have mentioned two concerns, your monthly charges and a switch offer with a $150.00 credit card. When making the switch, did you bring your previous numbers with you along with the device for the line that applied for this offer? Did this line ever change numbers during that process? As to the monthly charges, which plan do you have? Do any of the lines have Device Payment Agreements. A good way to review all charges and understand the breakdown is to select the Bill and then choose the link for the View PDF. This provides a more detailed statement for viewing.

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