Dec. $500 BYOD credit not honored!!!
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I signed up for service in Dec. There was a 500 and a 250 dollar promotional credit I was supposed to receive for being my own devices. I never received an email, I was told to check my Verizon notifications, nothing ever came. I just called customer service who confirmed I never got the email. They transfered me to the Verizon rebate center. The guy was crass and said sorry you were not explained the process fully but your promtoin has expired we cannot honor it. I'm really upset about this. I have checked my app religiously. Scowerd my email. I called in and was very respectful. Only to be told sorry we didn't explain the process to you better, too bad. I'm so glad I brought my business to Verizon, activated 3 lines, just to be told oh too bad for you. 😔 

Re: Dec. $500 BYOD credit not honored!!!
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Making sure you get your promotions without issue is definitely important. We want to make sure you get the right information and we find a solution. So we can fully assist you I've sent you a PM. Please reply when possible so we can assist.