Did not get the military discount due to this promotion
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I recently discovered Verizon's military discount program.  As a prepaid customer, I didn't have the option of registering for the veterans discount.  So after some reading, I decided to call a rep and ask about migrating to a postpaid plan.  I chose the $80 5G start plan, and the rep explained that I could apply for auto-pay which would bring the payment down to $70, and the military discount which would bring it down to $60.  Upon checkout, he mentioned the ongoing BYOD promotion and explained that I would receive a $10 credit on my bill every month for the next 36 months in addition to my other savings.  The BYOD deal caught me by surprise -- I was not anticipating saving any more money.  So I decided to add a smartwatch to my plan for another 10 bucks ---why not right?  After all was said and done, I logged in to my account to set up auto pay / paperless billing, and finally register for the veterans discount when lo and behold: it only applied a measly $1.50 discount to my watch's plan.  Come to find out, the military discounts cannot be applied to my phone because it is already part of a promotional deal.  At least, that's my understanding of what's going on.  It is extremely difficult to get a straight answer out of Verizon about this.  I should be eligible for veterans savings because I'm a veteran -- period.  I've been with Verizon for years and let go of my existing loyalty discount in order to be able to migrate to the postpaid plan with the understanding that I would receive a veterans discount.  I did everything I was supposed to do in order to confirm my eligibility, and was given misleading information from a Verizon rep about these savings.  I mean apparently even he didn't pick up on the fact that I would not be eligible for the discount because of the BYOD promotion.  It just isn't fair that I decided to move ahead with the migration with the understanding that I would be saving an agreed amount just to be bamboozled after the fact because I happened to make the switch during the promotion.  Non-veterans are saving as much as veterans under this deal. 

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