Did not receive information regarding $350 BYOD Rebate

My wife and I purchased 3 new lines back in January, one of them being a device we were bringing with. We were not aware of the credit when we arrived but were told we qualified for $350. AT NO POINT WE WERE TOLD HOW TO ACCESS THIS REBATE! Nothing was said about a deadline to file, nothing at all about anything other than we quailifed. 

Fast forward to today, after an unrelated billing call to Verizon I inquired about the rebate because we had still received no information and was informed that it was past the expiration date for the claim. Now we are out $350 for when we were never given the proper information to access in the first place!

We purchased an additional product we hadn't planned on expecting that we would have an extra $350 and now feel like we were manipulated out of our money. Is this something that is done, offer rebates and then not provide the information so the customer cannot access? 

I was happy with our Verizon experience up until this point but I am currently very frustrated and disappointed.

Re: Did not receive information regarding $350 BYOD Rebate
Customer Service Rep

Hearing that you are frustrated and disappointed is not what we want you to feel, Christian.  Please send us a Private Message, so we can look into this.