Do Not Risk Trying Verizon Promotions

I was told today that my $650 bring your own device promotion would not be honored today. The topics on this matter are many, so I thought I would add my experience to this discussion to dissuade people from taking their chances regarding these promotions. The odds are not in your favor no matter how meticulous you are.

I was told my promotion was invalid because I purchased a device through the manufacturer (Google) and the device counted as an upgrade. This was corroborated by the fact that Google had to check if I had upgrade eligibility with Verizon beforehand, and, therefore, needed to associate the phone with my account. That would have been a fine reason, if I were not advised that only if I connected the phone to the Verizon network, would my promotion by invalidated. I was told this on 3 separate occasions, once in store, and twice over the phone. During my first phone call with Verizon, I asked specifically if the upgrade eligibility check would invalidate my promotion. I was assured it would not.

My advice is don't underestimate Verizon's ability to either get their own facts incorrect or misrepresent themselves in deliberate ways so that a certain, sizable percentage of their customers fail to qualify for their promotions. They are doing everything they can to not give you that promotional gift card. If you have any slight doubt about whether you would violate the terms of a particular promotion, save yourself the trouble and don't choose Verizon.

Re: Do Not Risk Trying Verizon Promotions
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Purchasing through your Verizon account is an upgrade, though. Doesn't matter if it's through Verizon, the manufacturer, Best Buy etc. If you purchased an unlocked version of the phone or carrier free, your account wouldn't be accessed.