Do unlocked phones work on Wifi?

I'm considering buying an unlocked phone, and want to continue my Verizon service. I've read that some carriers restrict features that are offered on unlocked phones vs. ones you buy from the carrier. Does Verizon restrict any calling or WiFi features on unlocked phones using their network?

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Re: Do unlocked phones work on Wifi?
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We want you to have a phone that fits your needs, so we're glad to help answer your questions. Having an unlocked phone only indicates that there is no software present that's intended to prevent a device from being activated on one carrier versus another. However, due to network differences, we cannot guarantee activation will be successful or that all cellular services (voice, text, or data) will work as expected if you do not have a Verizon branded device. Since WiFi is not cellular service dependent, we do not have a way to prevent a device from connecting to a WiFi source. To confirm if the device you're wanting to use will be compatible with our network, you can check the device's IMEI number using this link .


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