Does BYOD kit contain SIM card adapters that will fit a Samsung Note 3?

I recently purchased a Verizon Samsung Note 3 refurbished phone. We placed her SIM card from anot phone she already had in it and for months it has worked with no issue but a few days ago she dropped the phone and it now says there is no SIM card foun. We’ve removed and replaced the card several times but we still have the same issu. I was told by our local Verizon store that we need an adapter to make the microcard work. I wanted to see if the BYOD SIM kit contains the adapter.

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Re: Does BYOD kit contain SIM card adapters that will fit a Samsung Note 3?
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I'm sorry to read that you're phone dropped & that you're not receiving a "No SIM card found" error message. Sadly, when a phone is dropped, it could truly mean there is internal physical damage. This would most likely be the reason you're receiving this error. When trying to put in a new SIM card in to activate it, you will still have issues. We recently changed our network & we don't support non-HD voice devices. This means you would not be able to activate the phone on the network any longer. The Galaxy Note 3 is a non-HD voice phone, so even if the phone is not damaged, there wouldn't be a way to activate it with another SIM card.

Allow us to try a few steps though before we jump to conclusions. With the original SIM card, please make sure that it is in the slot firmly with these steps Additionally, you can take that SIM card & try to put it into another 4G device (a new model phone from the Note 3). This will allow you to see if the other phone will activate with that SIM card. If it does activate with the original SIM card, then it is a good possibility that something internally was damaged on the Note 3 with it being dropped.

I have sent you a Private Message so that I can help with any additional options in replacing your phone. Please respond to my Private Message to continue. Thanks!




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