Expired Rebate Card
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I just located my BYOD rebate cards ($500 worth) I was sent end of 2019 for switching from Sprint to Verizon. Turns out I didn’t notice at the time Verizon sent prepaid MasterCard debit cards, not Verizon gift cards (which don’t expire) and they expired in the spring. Calls to the rebate center and Verizon wireless resulted in a “too bad, so sad, chump” response. I’m very disappointed. We spend over $350/month on Verizon services (Fios, wireless etc) and feel extremely undervalued. During a time when so many people are hurting and companies like Verizon are profiting from everyone being stuck at home, it would be nice to have this incentive honored. 

Re: Expired Rebate Card
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They probably can't do anything to change the expiration date.  Have you tried contacting mastercard?  

Re: Expired Rebate Card
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@Dccher ,

It's great to know that you had submitted and received some prepaid rebate cards last year. Just like you had confirmed, there is an expiration date printed on the cards themselves, so they are no longer active after that time passes. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone in various ways, and while we have been providing a lot of new ways of supporting our customers throughout that time, your prepaid MasterCards from 2019 are not part of that. Please reach out to Rebate Card Services directly at 877.899.8980 , as they handle all issues including card expiration and balance.