Fee for BYOD on existing number
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I purchased my own phone through a third party. It did not need a sim card or anything. I simply took the one out of my current phone and put it in the new one. I cannot find anywhere in Verizon's rules, regulations, policies etc that there is a fee related to doing this. I was first told it must be because I financed the phone (which I didn't). The next excuse is then "well it's just a typical phone industry fee". So moral of the story is Verizon is making up charges that don't actually follow their policy's etc and scamming/incorrectly charging their customers .?

Re: Fee for BYOD on existing number
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Tends to be called a upgrade fee scam for the privilege of getting a new phone and putting in your own sim card 

Re: Fee for BYOD on existing number

I switched to Verizon in August 2019 with a Google pixel three. Shortly after the pixel four came out I Purchased a used one off of swappa (probably in January 2020) and move my Sim card. I recently purchased a Samsung note 10 also off of swappa.  Again, moved my own Sim card and data and I have no upgrade charge.  
There is no fee for a BYOD.  There is a fee for an upgrade from a 3rd party if you bought a Verizon phone, which should have come with a Verizon SIM card  .

I have never been charged any sort of fee for changing my phone. No carrier charges when you purchase a phone somewhere else at full price and swap your own SIM card.  (BYOD)

Who did you buy from?  

Did you purchase a Verizon branded device?  Yes?  You get charged 

Did it come with a Verizon sim?  Yes?  You definitely get charged.

What charge is it that you are seeing?

Can you please post a screenshot without any of your personal or identifying information?





Re: Fee for BYOD on existing number
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We certainly understand where you're coming from after purchasing your new phone without us, RBlauvelt. We can help look into this more and figure things out. Where did you purchase the new phone from?