Formal complaint to corporate
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I keep being told not to worry about this and it will get resolved and it never does. In October there was a being your own device program . I brought two iPhones and a watch over. I was told I could keep my old phone numbers. The phone numbers never ported over and I had to change them because they didn’t work. I then was told I didn’t have to do anything for the rebate I would be emailed with instructions. I called customer service after I never received the email to ask why I hadn’t and I was supposed to submit it online. I was able to submit for my two phones but because I had changed my watches number previously I was past the 30 days for getting the rebate on my watch so I would not be eligible for that anymore. I submitted for both my phones and my line went through immediately and I received the rebate. My daughters phone has continuously been denied. The notification keeps telling me that this line is ineligible for the rebate because of the dates submitted. Even though the new number was activated in October and I submitted the rebate in 30 days like I was asked to. Every customer service rep says I am eligible for the rebate and they will submit an escalation form. The have been 3 escalation forms submitted on my behalf and I’ve been told I am eligible and it will be fixed. Roughly 10 days later I get a notification with the app with a new updated date that the my daughters line was ineligible and not within the correct dates. Even though the dates are right there next to it within the correct  time frame. 
This is my first time switching phone companies. I had been with T-Mobile for 10 years and I came to Verizon for better service and because I was promised rebates for bringing our paid off iPhones and my watch. The in store service representatives gave me incorrect information about how to apply for the rebate and did not correctly port my existing phone numbers over. I have been a customer for only a few months and this has experience has been dissatisfying. I am extremely disappointed in my experience with this company. I would like to complain higher up to someone who would actually listen. Rather than submit some form and tell me it’ll resolve when it never does. 

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Re: Formal complaint to corporate
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We know it's important to make sure this gets resolved, Mom93. We want to get to the bottom of this. Please send us a Private Note, so we can assist.