Get450byod denied
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Is anyone else having trouble?  I switched over and was promised the get450byod for porting in 2 lines   Neither would go through when I tried to submit it all for rebate. 
    After hours on the phone I went in a store and the manager got it to work for me finally. Now fast forward 2 weeks and my rebate has been denied.   
     I have had countless conversations with so many Verizon  people it is sad And hours on the phone over these rebates to the point I am ready to leave right now and forgot Verizon even exists.

Re: Get450byod denied
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It is important that you are able to get a great value when you switch your service to us, Hud20202. We will send you a Private Message so that we can look at this together.

Re: Get450byod denied
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Many others are having same issue with promotion or rebates etc 

Re: Get450byod denied

I had the same problem. Hi, my wife and I both signed up for new lines via and brought our own phones (iPhone xm max). We both submitted details for the BYOD $450 gift card offer. We received one $450 gift card yesterday but when I looked up the second promo tracking number it says she’s not eligible. We both moved to Verizon from AT&T, brought our own identical phones. I have since upgraded via apple upgrade program. Want to understand why I qualify and my wife does not. Thx