How do I get an eSim card for an existing line?
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Ok, I have an AT&T phone.  This is my main and "personal" line.  I also have a Verizon phone.  I use it for business.  They are both personal phones.  I pay for both of them out of my personal account.   it's not at all tied to my company I work for.  

I've been carrying both phones around with me and it's getting super annoying.  

(Due to other circumstances in our house with kids, I cannot leave a smart phone in a drawer or anywhere they can find it.  It's always on me.)

Well, other than it falling out of my pocket all the time, it's still super annoying carrying two phones.  I'm told my at&t phone is not carrier specific.  The at&t phone is a samsung s22 ultra.  My verizon phone is a samsung s20 fe.  

About a month ago, I called both verizon asking how to get an esim for my phone so I could use it in my at&t phone.  I see in thesim settings, I can scan a qr code to add an esim.  That day when I called, I sat on the phone for hours and hours.   i was transferred over and over and everyone i was talking to had no clue what I was talking about.  I did talk to one lady that said she knew what I meant.  We were trying stuff but she could not get it to work.  But, she never generated a QR code.  

I really don't feel like spending another 5+ hours on the phone trying to find someone that knows how to do this.  Any help would be appreciated.

FYI, I do not want to port the Verizon number into AT&T as a second line.  I only have cellular at my house.  No home internet service and I can't get it here.  I work from home.  Reason I have at&t and verizon is multiple times at&t has actually gone done and I've been dead in the water.  one day when they were down, i ran to a verizon store and got this phone so i could get back to work.  i always said before we moved that I need two ways to get online since my income depends on reliable internet.  Also,  at&t signal at our house is significantly better than verizon and also most places within a 30 mile radius of our house.  

I want to use the esim in the at&t phone so, if at&t is having an issue in my area, I can call and use a hotspot using verizon service and hitting a verizon tower using the s22 ultra that I obtained from at&t.

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We would be happy to assist you with your eSIM. We can certainly get your eSIM activated with your Verizon services. The only thing that would stop the activation is if your Samsung S22 Ultra wasn't unlocked from your previous carrier. Have you checked to make sure that the S22 isn't locked by your other carrier?