I need to order a sim card

I have my old device to reconnect [removed]

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Re: I need to order a sim card
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Community Leader

You can request one through your MyVerizon account online or you can call customer service at 1-800-922-0204 from a landline or *611 from your phone and request a SIM card mailed to you.

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Re: I need to order a sim card
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Making sure you're able to order a SIM card to activate your phone is definitely important, and we're always here to help, SYCUANTRIBE. 


@Ann154, provided some great suggestions on how you can get a free SIM card to activate your phone. Did you already try any of these tips? We truly appreciate @Ann154 for taking the time to help out our fellow community members.


@SYCUANTRIBE, are you trying to activate your old phone on an account that is still active, or are you looking to start a new account? If the account is still active, we can mail out a new SIM card, but we will need to access your account. Please reply to the Direct Message I just sent you, so I may further assist.


You can also visit any VZW Direct store and get a free SIM card if you have an existing VZW account. Visit http://spr.ly/6581E6qod to find the nearest store location. 


If you are looking to start a new account, you can also visit a VZW store, and they can help get the new line activated, and provide the SIM card.


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