IME1 not in database, phone not Verizon

Can someone help me with the procedures to get an IME1 input into the Verizon database. My son got me a new phone, did not get a Verizon-sold phone and was able to transfer data and get the phone 98% functioning. Sends and receives calls, sends texts, but cannot receive texts.

The phone is an Umidigi, Model A11. If the incompatibility is only that the IME1 is not in the Verizon database, how can it get put into the database. Simple data entry, correct?

The old Verizon phone is a Samsung 4G, while the new one is Umidigi 5G. Would gladly purchase a new sim card (although tier 2 tech support told me it was free) if Mr. Verizon could refresh the database. What is the procedure to get this done, if it is indeed possible?

Re: IME1 not in database, phone not Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Hello LAUWAL24. We know the importance of ensuring your phone is working fully with our Network. If you are still in need of assistance, please send us a Private Note so we can look into this for you.