Info: Frequency bands supported for 4G/LTE
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Since I am planning to bring a device from Europe and (hopefully) connect it to Verizon's network, I needed to know what frequencies/bands the phone should support.  (It's easier to get a phone in Europe that will work in the US than it is to get a phone in the US that will work in Europe.)

I was escalated to a 2nd level support person who provided the following information:


Thanks for reaching out to us for help. We've processed your request. To recap, here's what we've done:


Band 2 - 1900MHz

Band 3 - 1800MHz

Band 4 - 1700MHz

Band 5 - 850MHz

Band 7 - 2600MHz

Band 8 - 900MHz

Band 13 - 700MHz

Band 18 - 850MHz

Band 19 - 800MHz

Band 20 - 800MHz

Band 26 - 800MHz

Band 28 - 700MHz

Band 66 - 2100-2200Mhz

Band 48 - 3550 - 3700MHz


If you need anything else, please visit us online or in the My Verizon app.


If you have questions about this request, feel free to give us a call at 1.800.922.0204 or dial *611. We're open 7 A‌M – 9 P‌M, Mo‌n – F‌ri, and 8 A‌M – 9 P‌M, Sa‌t – S‌un, local ti‌me.


Thanks for choosing Verizon.




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I hope this helps someone

Jim "JR"