Is now the right time to sign up for the unlimited plan with getting a $500 Verizon e-Gift card?
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Q1) I am currently using a "prepaid" unlimited plan from Verizon. If I switch from this prepaid unlimited plan to a "postpaid" unlimited plan, e.g., Play More Unlimited plan, am I eligible to receive a $500 Verizon e-Gift card? (FYI, I will stick to using my iPhone 11 Pro max.)

Q2) Is the e-Gift card paid out in one lump sum? In other words, can I buy $500 worth of items at the Verizon store immediately after receiving that card?

Q3) Is now the right time to change from prepaid to postpaid? Will I get better offers in near future when I sign up for a postpaid unlimited plan?

Q4) Until when this $500 e-Gift event continues?