Issues with BYOD Rebate

I switched from tmobile to verizon 3 years ago. I really like verizon except the rebate issues. I always need to spend hours to make it good and get the rebates as promised. Unfortunately, I recently submitted another rebate which was rejected. HEre is the story. I added a line to my account on September 8 online which qualifies for byod promo. In fact, on my order page it was shown that it qualifies for the byod promo. Then i got a notification in the verizon app that my order qualifies for the promo and i submitted the rebate through the app and the link the app provided. Well if it works this system is great that verizon itself warns you and asks you to submits. After 66 days of submitting i get an email that my rebate is denied because "The line associated with this rebate wasn't submitted within the eligible dates.". I checked the deadlines and my order was put on September 8 and within the timelines. Moreover, as i explained above the system prompted me to submit because i am eligible. When I am ordering i was shown my order qualifies. I tried to chat with a few reps, I tried social media with no help. I have already wasted a few hours. I am not sure whom to contact and seamlessly get help without further wasting my time. The forum is my last resort. If not I will be up for switching back to tmobile or ATT. This is so time consuming!

Re: Issues with BYOD Rebate
Customer Service Rep

With many rebates, promos, trades, and other things going on, Mea1402, it can be challenging to get fast answers to questions related to rebates. We are saddened to hear that you always need to spend hours correcting things to get the rebates. We are sending a private note to gain further clarification and work with you on what happened.