Moto g5 plus 5th Gen - Cant make calls from Home

Hello All,

I have a Moto G5 Plus (5th Gen) phone that can not connect to the Verizon network (phone) from my house.

It works elsewhere, but not at my house.

This is a new problem, I've used the phone here as recently as 5 days ago. But now, the phone does make/accept calls. When I dial my cell from my land-line, the call goes straight to voice mail.

Data works fine. I can surf the web, get email, etc. I even get the voice mails people are leaving when they try to contact me at home.

How can I get my phone to "see" the network (phone) again?

I've done the reboots:  normal reboot, reboot into safe mode, etc.   I've even done a factory reset on the phone (it's pretty new so no real data loss).

Thanks for any ideas!


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Re: Moto g5 plus 5th Gen - Cant make calls from Home
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There is a known issue with your phone and Verizon when enhanced LTE calling is turned on. Motorola is rolling out an update to fix it according to the forums at The fix is to turn LTE enhanced off in your phone settings if you don't get the update.

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