Never received correct sim card
Enthusiast - Level 1

I ordered a sim card thinking I would receive those sim cards that can fit multiple formats only to receive a microsim when i needed nanosim.  I called, wasting an hour by being constantly passed from department to department because no one could send me a generic nanosim card, and eventually while waiting, the line was disconnected.

In the bring your own device, i specified i have a new phone (that needs a nanosim) for a line that currently has a microsim and luckily some support agent showed up on the order page. seeing that there was no indication of what size i would be getting, i asked "michael" if it would be a nanosim. he said that it would be. Well suprise, another microsim has arrived!

I would go to the store and pick one up but this "appointment only" policy doesn't even work when i cant make an appointment on the website in the first place.

at this rate, maybe  i should just order 50 sim cards to finally get someone to wake up that this system is broken.