Not receiving BYOD rebate email
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I switched to verizon in January and brought over two devices. I submitted the rebate and received confirmation of it being submitted along with tracking numbers. When I checked the status a few days ago, it indicated that an email was sent with my rebates yet I NEVER received anything. I reached out to verizon AND the rebate center twice only to be told they will resend the email and to wait 24 hours and I will receive it. It has been two days and I still have yet to receive the email with my rebates and the only thing I am being told is to continue to wait, another email will be sent. 

Re: Not receiving BYOD rebate email
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I have the exact same issue, get pushed through to the rebate center the re send the email tell me to wait 24 hours still nothing.

Re: Not receiving BYOD rebate email
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I am having this same exact issue right now too. 

spoken to 3 reps, each one “talks to the rebate center” to have them reissue my rebate for both lines of service and told to wait 24 hours, and that they’ll call the next day to make sure I received it. No one calls back, so each day I’m doing the same steps. 

Do better Verizon.