Pixel 4a to Pixel 6a
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I have a Pixel 4a non 5G phone that I bought and was activated by Best Buy about 2.5 years ago. I just got a Pixel 6a unlocked directly from Google.  If I swap the sim from the 4a to the 6a will I get on the 5G network and get 5G speeds? 

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Great question and congrats on getting the Pixel 6a!


Swapping the SIM Card won't result in your device being able to access our 5G Network service. If needed, Verizon will provide our customers with a new SIM Card that will be compatible with our network by visiting any of our corporate store locations and bringing your device with you.


Please keep in mind that 5G-enabled devices show a 5G icon instead of a 4G LTE icon on the device screen. When using data in a 5G Ultra Wideband coverage area, the 5G UW icon displays. When using data in an area not covered by 5G Nationwide, your device automatically shifts to our 4G LTE network.


Did I explain this OK?



-Robert C.