Poor Service at a Verizon Store

Can someone please explain to me how Verizon oversees their franchise stores?  I went into a newly opened store in Pompton Plains, NJ 07444 on 1/12/2013 to see if I can activate my old Galaxy S5 and add a phone number to the phone.  I was there try to resolve a problem with another phone, only to find that wasn't possible at the store without paying out $150.00.  At the same time, an individual came out from the back room, the Manager is my guess, who spoke rather arrogantly to me in front of my 14 year-old daughter.  Without looking at the S5, he immediately said this phone is no longer compatible with the network, and that my only option was to get a new phone with the new line.  While this was happening, the sales representative I initiated the conversation with was already setting up a new phone line.

Prior to walking into the store I was online.  I did not see anything that would tell me the S5 is no longer supported.  As a result, my daughter and I purchased some items for that phone (battery, case, charging cord).  Needless to say she was upset.

Something didn't sit well with me.  Perhaps it was the fact that the "Manager" outright dismissed the phone.  I proceeded to call Verizon via the 611 number.  After waiting for nearly 20 minutes on hold, I was connected to a very pleasant representative (who's name I wish I had remembered).  He went through troubleshooting the phone, even to the extent where he disconnected my wife's phone from service to use that line for my daughter's phone.  He determined the only way to get the phone activated was to get a new SIMM card installed.  Later that day I went to the Paramus, NJ store and explained this.  The gentleman who helped me there brought me out a new SIMM card, installed it, and activated the phone that the individual from the Pompton Plains store said "will not work on the network."

I believe Verizon needs to re-educate the people who represent them or make sure they give the proper customer service.  The Pompton Plains store is within 3 miles of my house.  I will not use them again!  In the 17 years that I've been with Verizon I can say that this was the worst example of customer service I've received from a Verizon store.  Thankfully, Verizon has very good people working in other locations to restore my confidence in their commitment to their customers.

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Re: Poor Service at a Verizon Store
Customer Service Rep

The details you’ve shared are most helpful, ERIREI25. I can’t begin to express our gratitude towards you bringing this important matter to our attention. For it is without feedback that behaviors go unchecked, and improvements can only be made with two-way dialogue.  I’ve sent you a Private Message so that we can get this experience lifted up to leadership, who will internally take over the case from there. Long time customers like you don’t come around every day, and your experience is too important to us for this to go unnoticed.

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Re: Poor Service at a Verizon Store

I can no longer post to the customer service page. I posted the following on FB last Saturday.

Today I gave up on Verizon and moved to AT&T Wireless. I am convinced that Verizon really did not want my business. Verizon, under there BYOD program, refused to provision our two band new iPhone XS Max’ for visual voicemail because we bought them directly from Apple and at the time of purchase we used T-Mobile. AT&T had no problems with this.

We now have visual voicemail.

I am a very dissatisfied former customer.