Port In your own device promotion a scam?
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Over the phone, on multiple occasions, I was promised a $200 visa gift card for each phone and line that I 'ported in'. They told me to wait 45 days, and I confirmed several times that I didn't need to do anything, that they'd just send them to me. Never happened! I checked back, and was told that they'd expedite the shipping. When that didn't happen, I asked on a chat about it, and was referred to a rebate line and site, neither of which was any help. I can't believe that such a large company would instruct people to outright lie, but I'm beginning to believe that. Next step: Better Business Bureau and RI Attorney General.

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Re: Port In your own device promotion a scam?

This just happened to me.  The promo I thought I was getting was $150 gift card for each line ported.  I ported 3 lines.  Waited in my gift cards, contacted Verizon as to where they were, was told to wait 2-3 billing cycles.  Contacted verizon again, was told I need to visit a website to request cards, it had to be done in 30 days, it was $150 per account not line, and it was if I brought my own phone.  None of that was ever communicated.  They lure you in worth these promos and dont follow through.  They told me they could credit my account $2/month/line for 24 months to make up for the issue.  Unbelievable!!!