Port your number and get $200 scam

I have been fighting with Verizon since December 2019 and they keep making promises and not following through. 

I have it in writing by a Verizon salesperson that I would receive 5 $200 gift cards for switching and they keep changing the story.

I was told by them I would get it now they are fighting it if it was their mistake then they need to bite the bullet and pay me.

Looks like I am not the only one so maybe I should have my wife file a class action lawsuit.

Deceptive trade practices are characterized by disinformation, false claims, and other tactics to lure the public into buying a product or service. 

I hope Verizon is listening. 

This is not how you treat a new customer that just brought you 5 new line activations.

Re: Port your number and get $200 scam
Customer Service Rep

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