Post Paid to Pre-Paid
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Verizon customer since Bell Mobile days but it's time for a change

5Gb for $60 is a terrible value.

Been testing Visible and Straight talk....both work well.....but noticed the Verizon Pre-paid plans may be an option.

16Gb pre-paid says 8Gb + 8Gb bonus.    Does this mean the plan reduces to 8Gb at some point???....could not find any info in the fine confusing.

What is the downside of changing from Post-paid to Pre-paid??





Re: Post Paid to Pre-Paid
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Visible is Verizon owned so priority between that and VZ prepaid should be identical.

As far as postpaid vs prepaid..

+ Prepaid is cheaper

- No device payments

- Customer service almost non existant

- lower network priority

- Atrocious automated system

Re: Post Paid to Pre-Paid
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Insurance isn't offered by the carrier for prepaid accounts. 

Roaming agreements might be different between postpaid accounts and prepaid accounts. This means some locations won't have service for prepaid customers.

The priority of Straight Talk customers might be lower on the network than the prepaid customers on the Verizon Prepaid or Visible. 

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