Problems porting over number - repeated

Problems porting over numbers from Sprint. Spent 6 hours on hold with Port department (after the great tech guy tried everything and also was on hold with the Port Department for 45 minutes before he was forced to leave me). After I finally got through, they fixed that port problem in 1 minute. Today, realized that another number of the 6 lines we moved over failed to port completely and I have to try to fix it remotely with my senior citizen mother who has no clue about her device. Thankfully, there is another phone in her house to contact her. This is maddening and makes me regret moving over.

Re: Problems porting over number - repeated
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Similar situation with me.  I moved 5 lines from Sprint last week on Monday.  Three of them ported within 10 minutes of putting the Verizon SIM in.  Two of them got stuck and I likewise had to call the porting department.  The last one was my senior mother, too.  In both cases, the porting department told me the numbers were correctly released by Sprint, but "errored out" in VZW's provisioning system, but didn't tell me what the error was. 

The first call to the porting department was the Monday afternoon before Christmas and I was only on hold for about 20 minutes.  However, to fix my mother's line the morning after Christmas, I was on hold for 2 hours before someone got to me.  On both failed ports, they manually pushed them through without needing any additional information from me.  I understand they had high call volume after Christmas.  I actually installed her SIM on Christmas day, but when I called the porting department that night, someone actually answered, but the departments he needed to escalate to were all off for the holiday...

In both cases, the porting department had to escalate my problem to another department to actually get the Verizon provisioning/activation to complete.  Still no clue why the two failed, but all is working fine after they pushed the two ports through.

Re: Problems porting over number - repeated
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Pimms, we appreciate you bringing your business to us. We're truly sorry to learn that you've experienced such issues in porting in your numbers successfully. Are you still having issues with your mothers phone number porting over? If so you can always contact our Port Center at 888-844-7095. TanishaS_VZW