Promo to 'Switch22' to Verizon
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I think its trash how I got misinformation on using the "Switch22" promo code. Leaving Sprint to come to Verizon my hopes were up. Now you guys are proving to be just as bad as T-Mobile. Your customer rep sold me false information about how I would be covered if I switch to Verizon from my last bill but 2 months later it was only the devices that were covered, forcing my sprint bill to go into collections and my credit score hit - FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON. Countless and pointless calls for no one to give me any information that "your bill is not covered but only your devices". I was sold a dream that I would receive $1000 to cover the entire SWITCH, but that was just a s c a m. Thank you for all the hassles Verizon. Thought you were better than that but you all just proved to be money hungry. It messed my world up when I could have gotten that information 8 weeks beforehand and kept my account from collections. I guess the best companies are still cynical. "SWITCH22" = "CATCH22".

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Re: Promo to 'Switch22' to Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Bennie4, I sincerely apologize for the misinformation you received from the previous rep. This is not the experience we want you to have. I will be more than happy to submit feedback on this experience to ensure something like this doesn't take place. Please share with me how did you process the order (in-store, online, over the phone)?