Promotional Gift Card never received and given the runaround with customer service
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In January of this year I switched 4 lines to Verizon.  Part of the sale in the Verizon store included a promotional e gift card for each of the lines switched over.  We just assumed that the gift cards would be automatically emailed or mailed along the way, we were told within 3 months we would have the rebates.   Sounds great.    After not receiving any communication about the cards I called customer support  today.  I was told that because I am now in the 3rd month of our contract there was no way to claim any promotional gift cards anymore.   I had needed to claim on the website within 60 days.   It needed to be done in the first 2 months but without any communication about that timeline how would anyone know to do anything within that timeframe?   How can you have a secret promotion but use that secret promotion to make a sale in the store. 

The reason we changed back to Verizon was to avoid this type of shady behavior that we have gotten from other companies in the past.  I decided to avoid this type of sales tactics we would pay a little more to have Verizon service.  Now that looks like a huge mistake!

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Hey there! We're so sorry to hear about the experience you had at our store. We'd be happy to take a deep dive into this for you and see what we can do for you! To begin, please send us a Private Note. *Kris