Rebate Declined

I was told by a representative at my local Verizon Store that I would receive a $200 rebate for each of the 4 lines I transferred to Verizon.  I received a notification today that the rebates are denied.  I spoke to 2 representatives on the phone today. I was told by the 2nd representative, a member of management, that I wouldn't get the rebates.  I asked who else I could speak to and he told me I would just be wasting my time because I wouldn't get the rebates.  I wouldn't have changed providers if I wasn't going to get the $800 I was promised!  

Re: Rebate Declined
Customer Service Rep

Hello! Thank you for reaching out today to let us know about the promotional concern. Getting the promotion that you signed up for is important. I know I would be equally concerned of I had trouble getting a promotion & would be glad to help. I will be sending a Private Note in a moment.