Rebate Fraud
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I too have become a victim of Verizon's rebate fraud. 4 byod rebates of $500 each were promised to me. Got the rebate invalid email for all 4. Have spent over 3 hours on phone with them. They're saying now that the devices have to remain active on the account for 45 days - no upgrades allowed.  At time I applied for the rebates I was told the lines had to remain active for 45 days. Nothing about phones or upgrades. In fact employee that sent me the rebate link also offered to handle the new phone order at the same time. Now I'm being told that there's nothing that can be done but we apologize and know how you feel. Debating FCC complaint or BBB. 

Re: Rebate Fraud
Customer Service Rep

This is never the process we would like to provide for your rebate. As a consumer I would feel the same way in this process. To better assist and review please send us a private message for additional research. -Jasper