Rebate Frustration
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My family and I moved 4 phones from US Cellular to Verizon on 5/12 utilizing the promotion where we were supposed to receive a $250 rebate per phone for signing up online.  On 6/27 we received an email saying our rebate was invalid because we didn't purchase from a participating location.  However, the promotion was to purchase online, which we did.  We contacted the rebate center on 6/28 (via chat because every time we tried to call the system hung up on us) and they said they needed 14 days to investigate.  As of 7/18 we still have not heard anything.  We followed up and were told it was still under investigation.  On 7/19 we stopped at a Verizon store who tried to call in for us.  The person they spoke to said they needed  14 days from 7/18.  When we told them that we had originally contacted them on 6/28 they said they still need more time.  We paid $800 buyout to US Cellular because we knew we were receiving the $1,000 buyout.  This situation has been extremely frustrating and your rebate center is impossible to contact and deal with. We would like either our $1,000 rebate or a $1,000 account credit asap.