Rebate Invalid Submission


I was browsing online deals for cell service. I found Verizon had a 650 BYOB deal. I have 6 unlocked phones so I thought being with Verizon would be good. So far the customer service is SUB par. The bar was already low but Verizon couldn't even hit it. 

To receive the deal you needed:

-Activate your own 4G/5G device with phone sales or online: Check did that 

-Select select Play More, Do More, or Get More unlimited: All Phones had Play more. 

It was a nightmare. First I was given the wrong sim card. Had to return to the store and wait over an hour. I also ordered 2 Samsung watch 3's and should have received 100 trade in for two Samsung active watch 2's. Was told that the return information would be in the box. No information. I call and use the chat support to be told no one set up the trade ins. Awesome. Try to active the watches, Nether would work. spent over 8 hours in support chats and on the phone, 2 hours in the store, and finally one last chat got them fixed. 35 dollars to active phones and watches yet I spent 14ish dealing with issues. I had the Verizon Multi device protection added at account start. Somehow it was added to one phone and the other phones got total protection each. so 15 x 5 plus 50. It took 8 support chats and 2 phone calls to get that fixed. received first bill. Everything looks correct all phones have play more unlimited.

I receive an email stating that 3 of my lines rebates are invalid submissions. I go check, Says not on correct plan. I go check my plan. Verizon decided to change my plan on 3 lines with out approval. 3 lines went from play more to start unlimited. 

I go to chat support. They say to change it back (which I had to do. Verizon should return activation fees. The customer does all the work). They then say the submit a ticket and should update in 7 days. Nothing. So I call and this tech say 4 to 8 weeks. The rebate will expire by then. 


I did my part and it seem Verizon is trying to take me to the ringer. Should I submit a BBB claim?