Rebate Runaround - bring my own device
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On 09/29/21 I ported over 2 lines from Sprint and turned in our phones. I am still waiting for my rebate for the payoff of the phones ($554.51). I have made absolutely no changes to my ported lines at all - still have the same phone numbers too. 

I submitted the final bill received from Sprint which clearly shows on page 4 the amount we are being charged for each phone for not turning them in, yet cannot get a resolution on why it is marked as invalid. 

My sales rep does not reply back to my emails, has not been at the store when I have gone, and isn’t there when I call so I am not getting any help from that end. I do have an email from her dated 10/28/21 that I qualify for the rebate and she sent this to her account manager, but I’ve gotten no information since that date and 6 more emails with no reply. 

How do I get this resolved?  Any help would be appreciated.