Rebate Status - Getting runaround

I opened a new line on 7/6/22. Rebate was supposedly submitted and I was given a tracking number of 211436771. Apparently that isn't a valid tracking number. Have checked status on rebate website several times using this number and using my information. Always tells me no information found. I have chatted in and called in to customer service MANY times but always get bad information or no information, and then seem to always get disconnected.


If I attempt to change that line's plan, I get told I can't because there is an active rebate associated with that line. That seems to me an indication that there is a rebate somewhere.


How can I actually get a status and stop getting the runaround? Numerous agents have "escalated" the issue but I never hear anything.

Re: Rebate Status - Getting runaround
Customer Service Rep

You are in a great place to get to the bottom of what is happening with your rebate, Nick1978. Since we will need to pull up non-public account details, we have sent a private note to you to work on this.