Rebate Train Wreck
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After years with Verizon, I ported 3 additional lines to my Verizon account. That is when this unending train wreck of a ripoff began.

1. Verizon rep handed me the paperwork to submit for the rebate. Except he only gave me paperwork for the two phones, not the watch. At the time, the rebate was $350.  By the time I realized the watch qualified, 30 days had passed, and Verizon refused to honor the rebate.  Cost to me- $350.

2. Almost 90 days later, I decided to port all of my phones to another carrier. On the day I ported the numbers, Verizon voided the rebates that I had earned, even though I had been there the required amount of time. Cost to me- $700 in unused rebates.

3. Yesterday, my final Verizon bill processed, with a 'rebate recovery' charge of $750 to my credit card. That's right...not only did I not get to keep the rebates I was entitled to, they then billed me the full amount of the rebates as if I had used them, which I had not, and could not because they cancelled them. Cost to me- $750 of my money

Total cost to me of this at present - $1,850. No small wonder people are leaving Verizon.  Unbelievable. And of course, getting someone on the phone who can actually help with this mess is another challenge. It's outrageous that I have to spend time on the phone to help them correct their own billing.

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