Rebate card fraud, terrible communication, loss of confidence.

Long time verizon customer who finally left due to bill increases about two years ago, just switched back. 5 lines, and I have my entire family on the bill. 

Bring my own devices on 3 lines, new phones on the other two. Ordered it all online. The two $250 rebates were initially denied due to them saying I had done the order in a store when I had not, $400 rebate was eventually approved. I sort out the issues on the 250 rebate, they elevate for approval, it comes. In the meantime the $400 card ships, says 8-10 business days to arrive, so when I don't see it for a week I don't get concerned. Finally I reach out and they say it's already been used. Elevate to a manager. He says there's fraud here, someone has already deposited it into a bank account and confirms it's a bank I've never even heard of. Makes a number of cryptic statements about my address being changed, email, etc. I now get concerned because I don't know if my email has been compromised, if someone stole it out of my mailbox, etc. He tells me not to worry, he'll look into it and send me an email as soon as possible to let me know what happened. No email, ever. No written letter either. Finally I call back in this morning to tell them I'm about to deposit my ownand they tell me my claim was denied. No explanation over the phone about what happened, still no email, and at this point due to the lack of communication I've already went out and purchased a locking mailbox, added encryption and a password manager to my online stuff, etc, and I still don't know how this fraud occurred.

I'm pretty incensed at this point. $400 is not an insignificant amount of money, but the unwillingness to communicate when I feel like I may be exposed to further fraud is the breaking point. It's been over two weeks and I still don't know what happened, I am now apparently out $400 from the rebate despite them knowing where the fraudulent transaction took place AND no one has explained to me anything beyond the initial promise to follow up with me once they got to the bottom of it. 

To top it off, I come here and see this bevy of complaints about the scamminess of this whole process from others. Verizon will lose me for life if I can't get help with this problem. Any issue I have ever had with American Express or any other credit card company has always been promptly looked into, communicated, and resolved. The lack of communication here is unacceptable. 

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