Rebate disappointment

I was told by 3 different agents I would recieve my rebate cards within 45 days of purchase. I was just told by another agent I dont qualify anymore due to past 30 days. I was never told by any if the agents what the process was but that I would recieve them in the mail. I need a supervisor to contact me as this is very disappointing that I was not told that there was a process to get rebates. I will be switching back if I dont get this resolved.thank you. All calls are recorded as well as email scripts. I'm sure you can access all that. Leadership needs to be aware agents need to make customers aware of the rebate process. 

Re: Rebate disappointment

I received my rebates for switching with my own device. The information was both online, and given to me in the store how to apply for my rebate.   

Re: Rebate disappointment
Customer Service Rep

I'm sorry to learn that you were not aware of the rebate process, nlv. You are a valued customer and we do not want you to move from our Verizon family. We make every effort to be transparent about all our promotions (including rebates) and we have all the necessary information readily available online. To confirm please this website (!/faqs), click on the "Rebates & Offers" link, and then click on "How do I redeem a rebate offer".


Nothing would make us happier than being able to process your rebate, but there is a 30-day limit to submit a rebate request and it is systematically impossible to do it after 30 days. You can confirm at the above website if you click on the "Rebates & Offers" link, and then click on "How long do I have to submit my rebate?". I apologize for any inconvenience this information may cause you.


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