Rebate issues
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This rebate issue is real. Verizon had this $500 SWITCH2VERIZON promotion when iPhone 13 was launched and I ended my contract and paid $650 to At&T. I have done everything by the book - submitted rebate in time with proper code and attached final bill showing line charges etc. Verizon customer exec keep confirming rebate is genuine and will be paid. However it gets rejected by some rebate team. When I talk to rebate team they seem to just promise that it’ll be resolved, escalated etc but nothing happens. After 2 months, 7 calls with endless wait time its becoming clearer that VZ had no intention of honoring the rebate and just wasting our time. There are several other discussions on this forum with very similar experience. These experiences does affect Verizon reputation as no other provider treats customer this way. I regret my decision moving from AT&T

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Re: Rebate issues
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Chitownguy1 I'm sad to learn you are having a hard time with the rebate. We can take a look at the account for you. We have sent a Private message here on this platform.-Dolores