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I switched over to Verizon in Septemeber. 3 lines and was told that I 'd receive my rebates in about 4-6 weeks. I received confirmation in November that they were on the way never received. Verizon rebate center is a joke and I have called them 6 times and everytime there is an excuse as to why i only got 1 card so far. They keep saying it was mailed back to us ..... there should not be a reason why I am at the same address. Its January 13th...... where are my rebates.... Verizon has the nerve to be expensive and tell lies. I've contacted the FTC in the matter. 

Re: Rebates
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We would never lie to you, bebeg. I am a consumer myself so I understand that getting your rebates are essential. I would love to review your account and check the status of your rebate. I have sent you a private message. AmberF_VZW