Why is this such a hard subject for Verizon? I was duped into changing providers by the great promotions and the great customer service. Now that I’ve moved my lines the customer service is terrible. 

I was told I could get certain rebates when I switched my lines over then they were denied. I called in to find out why, only to be told I was given the wrong information at the store. Of course armed with this correct rebate information everything will be ok, right. WRONG!! Once again I am denied the rebate and customer service tells me the original rebate info was incorrect and they assured me the new rebate information is correct. I just received an email again saying my rebate is invalid!! I called in only to be FORCED to speak to a digital resolution source. When I called back to speak to a representative...the call dropped and no one called back. So, again I had to call back and wait in line to speak with someone. I’ve been dealing with this situation since October 10, 2020!! I’m so frustrated!!