Swap Phones After or Before Purchase

2 of the lines on my account are as follows... 

Line #1 - phone is eligible for an upgrade

Line #2 - phone is still being paid for and not eligible for upgrade

What I want to do is buy a new phone for Line #2, and then swap the phone on Line #2 to Line #1, assuming there will be no penalty for this with my phone payment plan?

In what order do I perform the swap? 

# 1 - Do I purchase the new phone, assign to Line #1, and then do a Swap?  Problem with this I would have to move all the phone apps from Line #1 user to the new phone, when it will then be immediately transferred to Line #2 user.

#2 - Or do I first swap, so Line #2 will have the old phone for a brief time.  And then put the new phone on Line #2.  This seems cleaner but then I assume I will have a week or two with the old phone currently on Line #1 on Line #2.

Confused if I order the new phone for Line #1 or Line #2; knowing that I eventually want it on Line #2, but do not want to have to pay a penalty since Line #2 is not eligible for an upgrade?  Hopefully this makes sense?



Re: Swap Phones After or Before Purchase
Customer Service Rep

We can certainly help with getting your devices activated on the correct lines. You will want to complete the purchase of your new device to start. After you have both phones with you, we can get them activated on their respected lines.