Terrible Customer Service at Verizon Hartsdale NY
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Went into the Verizon store in Hartsdale, NY to get my new SIM card (mailed to me) installed in my existing Verizon phone.  [I needed support because I live in an area with zero cell service so I cannot simultaneously be online and have my phone connected to cellular service.]  Worst customer service experience - avoid this store!  Manager is Kamil or Camille - I asked because I was so frustrated - but the manager was not on site.  Some highlights:

1. Walked in, store is mostly empty (6 customers, 5 Verizon folks) but no one comes up to greet me and it is unclear where to wait or sign in.

2. Once someone does approach me to ask for my cell phone to add me to the list, I mention that my cell service is not working so it's important to call out my name rather than text me.  Rep does not ask for anything further, such as what is wrong, to identify if it's a quick fix.  I was told 2 people are in front of me, and it should take 15-20 minutes.

3. After 36 minutes, no one has approached me, I have been walking in circles around the inside of the store since I have no phone service, I ask how much longer, and the rep says "soon."  In walking around, there are several reps "helping" customers who are simply waiting for a backup to complete.  One rep is checking their text messages and chatting.  None of them ask if they can assist me.

4. After 50 minutes, I was late for an appointment - I had no idea a SIM card replacement in the middle of the business day in a mostly empty store might take nearly an hour of waiting with zero acknowledgment - so I told the rep to remove me from the list because it had been too long (no apology, no acknowledgment) and I left the store, still no working phone. 

If you have a choice in where you go for support, avoid this store!!



Re: Terrible Customer Service at Verizon Hartsdale NY
Customer Service Rep

Hey there, Sandi! We are saddened to hear of your store experience. We would love to opportunity to assist you further. Please do reach out to us in a Private Note for more help.