Transition to Verizon Regrets. $500 BYOD rebate TRICKERY .

I was happily using a prepaid plan and paid less than what I pay now with Verizon. My sister suggested we all join Verizon as a family of 4 but they wouldn't do it if I did not join because it wouldn't make sense financially. It took some convincing but I joined mostly because of the $500 BYOD rebate. A month later, I bought a Verizon android phone from a Verizon store and  the store dude kept asking for a code he sent to my phone. As it turns out, he activated the new phone without my consent. The moment I got home, an hour later, I realized that and reactivated my old device because the new phone was not meant for use at that time. I was not ready to move from apple to android yet. Anyway, 2 weeks later, I found out my rebate was void because I activated a new phone before 45 days (no one told me about that). I did not activate or consent to it. The Verizon store guy did and it feels Verizon is punishing me for their store clerk's mistake. This experience has made me so discontent that as the days go by, I'm thinking of leaving and obviously with my family too. I'm paying $10 a month more for the same services and Verizon has less reception where I live. Why should I be a happy customer and is this a common thing Verizon does?

Edit: In addition to all that, I spoke with a Verizon rebates agent who told me they opened an appeal on my behalf and would reach out to me in 7 days. That was 4 weeks ago and I have not heard anything.

Re: Transition to Verizon Regrets. $500 BYOD rebate TRICKERY .
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