Trying to BYOD from TracFone: Moto g6 XT1925

I'm trying to add a line to our current shared plan and take advantage of your BYOD deal. Wondering if I can get some advice ...

  • The phone in question is a Moto g6 (XT1925).
  • The current carrier is TracFone and I've gone through the unlock process (entered successful unlock codes as of 8:30PM last night).
  • It passes Verizon's online compatibility check.
  • When getting to the "Change Plan" section of the Add Line / BYOD checkout process, it kicks back an error: "We are unable to process" blah blah.

Does it take a while for carriers to process / propagate unlock requests? Could this be why I'm not able to complete adding the g6 to our plan? Just need to know if this phone is actually compatible (and I'm not wasting my time) and if I just need to wait until this phone will be identified as unlocked and available to switch to Verizon ... 

Thanks for any and all help.

Re: Trying to BYOD from TracFone: Moto g6 XT1925
Customer Service Rep

We're honored to be the home of the new line. In tracing the steps, I see that in this link after selecting Smartphone, then we lead to a screen that says
"OK, great. And what kind of device do you have?" and you enter in your model.

To compare the general compatibility results from the link above, let's dive deeper to get precise results.
In the "Enter Device ID" field of the link below, you'll put in the device's IMEI.
Does this link as well state it's compatible with the Verizon Wireless network?
Here's where the IMEI is found: