Unable to use 4 Giftcard

So, I got 4 e-gift cards from Verizon and I am unable to use all 4 towards a purchase. The Site restricts me to use only 2. What can I do you use 4 gift cards towards a purchase? The customer care is unable to help. Juggling between the rebate department, Customer Care, and Verizon store from last 1 week. Worst customer care service and horrible staff who have no clue to provide satisfactory service. The Left-hand doesn't;t know what the right hand does. 

Recommend not to use Verizon as a provider and rather use ATT.  Great plans and awesome customer service.


Re: Unable to use 4 Giftcard
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Yes, it's the underpaid agents fault and not the multi billion dollar company that put these restrictions in place.

ATT was horribile last I had them and only because they bought out Cingular.